Tips To Become Successful

Tips To Become Successful

There should be a daily routine to follow if you have the true desire to become successful with whatever you do and the concepts that come to your mind. Below are some tips to help you become successful, some in which I am learning in Ray Higdon’s coaching program that I would like to share with you. If you follow these every day, you WILL become successful. Baby steps first, leaps and bounds come afterwards!

Tips To Become Successful:

1). Believe in yourself.

2). Develop a mantra / incantation of what you are lacking. (For example, “I am worthy, I am rich, I am successful).”

3). Read or listen to personal development two times a day.

4). Create a schedule of importance and prioritize and follow it every day. Don’t forget to schedule in personal time / life events.

5). Establish goals / dreams and write them down. Write down steps on how you will establish these goals. If you don’t write them down, they are just a wish; not a goal.

6). Think BIG! Have a vision of who you want to become. This is internal and is emotional.


7). Be optimistic for what the future will hold.

8). Know there will be struggles and plan on how to overcome them.

9). Establish a plan of action and be committed to it.

10). Don’t compare yourself to others.

11). Have a positive attitude and mindset.

12). Invest in yourself, learn how other successful people became successful, and teach it. Knowledge is POWER!

13). Don’t rely on others to do things for you, but do know they are there for support, advice, and suggestions.

14). Establish a why. Why do you want to do become successful? This is external and not emotional.

15). Be fiercely independent and unique, and you already have become successful.


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