Martial Art Mindset

The Mindset Behind What You Think, You Become

The Mindset Behind What You Think, You Become

The mindset behind what you think, you become can be applied to your martial art training, as how and what you believe is who you become, even when you are struggling within your rank. Your belief systems and how you think about yourself as you train in your martial art style will ultimately decide your fate and where you stand in your current rank.

As you are struggling with a certain technique or move, what are you saying to yourself? Are you being positive or negative with yourself? Are you saying, “I can’t do this!” or are you saying, “I can do this!” If you are being negative towards your martial art training, what do you think that says about you? If you are being positive about your current situation, how do you think that will help you in your martial art journey?

What you think, you become. Who you think, you become. How you think, you become. If you continue to be negative with your thoughts towards your training, chances are you won’t get very far with it. On the other hand, positive thoughts towards your current struggles in your martial art training says a lot about you and your character. And you may not notice this, but your martial art instructor(s) pays attention to those who work through their struggles during martial art classes. They know who will go far and beyond black belt training, and who will not.

So, in your martial art training today, think of more positive thoughts and how to work through any struggles in which you CAN and WILL overcome. Because what you think, you do become.

The Mindset Behind What You Think, You Become (Video):

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