Spirituality Speaking

Let Your Spirit and Soul Shine On

Let Your Spirit and Soul Shine On

With that moment when you feel the best in you is about to get better;

That moment when you know each day is getting brighter;

That moment when you see yourself shine like a star;

You know you have come so far, because no one can stop you now.

Imagine yourself in the most darkest place possible,

Because when you step out into the light and rise like the sun,

You know you are blessed, because you have kept the faith for so long.

Be it as it may, your darkest days are over.

Each day is better than the last because you are one more day wiser and and one more day older.

Break on through to the other side of the most grandest life that awaits you.

Look up to the sky and know the world awaits your arrival;

You are free to be the best you can ever be,

So let your spirit and soul shine on.

Let your spirit and soul shine on.


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Colleen Burns

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