Have No Fear, Have Courage, Take Action

Have No Fear, Have Courage, Take Action

Have no fear, have courage, take action. 

There are two types of fear, two steps to take action towards that fear, and only one way to have the courage to rid that fear and take that action. You either have the courage or you don’t.

Empower yourself today, empower your mind, give yourself the courage to rid any fears you may have, and take any and all action necessary to have no more fears so you will have nothing holding you back anymore. Enlighten your soul, enlighten your spirit, feel the cleanse within you to become stronger each and every day. May you seek the answers to any questions of doubt you may have within yourself. May you find the solution to any problems you may have – in not just your personal life but also within your martial art lifestyle.

Know when to ask for help. If you never ask questions, you do not learn. If you do not learn, you do not grow. If you do not grow, you do not develop. You must learn to ask for help, whether it be from your martial art instructor, your family, your spouse, your friends. Become the better person you know you can be, have no fear, have courage, and take action. MASSIVE ACTION today… to make yourself better tomorrow. Empower your spirit, empower your soul.

To be further inspired, increase your self-confidence, and empower yourself, watch the video below.

Have No Fear, Have Courage, Take Action (Video):


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






Colleen Burns

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PS: If you want to learn how to increase and improve your mindset, https://colleensmartialartcorner.com/2016/04/06/self-empowerment-model/

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