Be a Risk Taker, Take Chances

Be A Risk Taker, Take Chances

You don’t get anywhere in life by hiding in fear.

If you want it bad enough,

You have to reach out and grab it by the horns,

Harness it in, and ride like the wind.

Be a risk taker and take all the chances you get.

Take those chances because they may never come again.

risk taker

When you feel nothing or no one can stop you,

That’s the chance you know you need to take.

When all life’s problems abound you,

Sacrifice what you need – you know this is fate.

Your fate to become what you aspire to be.

All that surrounds you will come together.

Keep dreaming good dreams

And believe your day will soon come

When you least expect it.

take a chance

Your life may have its falters, leaps, and bounds,

But don’t stop believing in yourself,

Because suddenly when your fate comes calling,

Your future is there in front of you and nobody else.

Be a risk taker and take all the chances you get.

When fate is there in front of you, reach out and take it.

You deserve it because you know what’s best.

Be the risk taker you were meant to be –

Your future lies ahead.



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Colleen Burns


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