Have you ever received a “No-Pass?” How did it make you feel? Did you give up after receiving it or did you move on and continue your martial art training?

Receiving a “No-Pass” will either make you or break you. It will either make you a stronger martial artist, or it will break you down if you allow it to. Don’t let it break you down, because if you do, you will break down throughout life. How you react to it is how you react with life, because martial arts is a way of life. It is life.


Martial arts grounds you and motivates you to push yourself forward. If you are not learning that in your training, then there’s something wrong with either your perception and attitude towards your martial arts and life, or your instructor  is not training you correctly.

My first “No-Pass” was very emotional. I was a senior brown belt and testing for my red belt. I did not break my boards, and therefore received the “No-Pass.” I was mad at myself; I was frustrated and irritated with myself. I let it get to me. It took awhile for me to get past this period, but I did, and I moved on. Yet, I am still into martial arts to this day.

I am lucky to have had great martial art instructors. However, I have heard that there can be some that are not so great. You know you have great martial art instructors when they help you through the stages after a “No-Pass,” because it shows they care for their students.

If you have not yet received a “No-Pass,” I am sure sometime in your martial art career you will. Don’t let it get to you. Think of it as a learning stage that propels you forward, because there are better things meant for you once you get past that – a higher rank and increasing self-confidence that makes you soar and makes you feel proud of yourself. And you will feel that you can accomplish anything in life.


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






Colleen Burns

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