Joy, Life, Love, Laughter

Joy, Life, Love, Laughter

Joy, Life, Love, Laughter – 

May they fulfill you into a wonderful day.

Don’t let anyone steal your happiness away.

Be as so bold as you can be;

Make a new friend

Who will never become your enemy.

And when you do, don’t forget to smile.

It will say a lot about you.

Nobody today is going

To change your attitude.


Be fierce, be courageous, be lovable,

Because all these attributes

Will make you even more beautiful.

May your joy of life, love, and laughter

Stay positive, stay focused, stay strong.

Hold your head high and carry on!

Enjoy your day filled with

 Joy, life, love, and laughter everyone!


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






Colleen Burns


SKYPE: colleen.burns62

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