Name the Martial Artist Who…

Name the Martial Artist Who…

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Name the martial artist who has been in martial arts for over twenty years. This particular martial artist has a black belt in karate and has studied Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu for over six years, has won numerous karate competitions when younger, and is also a Hollywood actor and TV director. This martial artist is from Amesbury, Massachusetts and has been in numerous movies and TV shows since the early 1980s.

Some interesting trivia about this martial artist. In one of the TV shows this martial artist was in, he displays his fighting skills for which got him the part. And in one of the many movies he has starred in, he gets beat up, ironically.

Can you name the martial artist who I am referring to? Watch the video below to test your martial art knowledge and for further hints to answer this martial art quiz.

Name the Martial Artist Who… (Video):


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