How To Overcome Yourself

How To Overcome Yourself


Are you aware there is a process you have to go through in order to overcome yourself and be able to trust yourself again?

I was on a webinar the other day with Dr. Joe Dispenza in which he states knowledge is a precursor to your experience. He goes on to further explain on how to overcome yourself, in which I like to share with you.

Crisis and trauma will make you change and feel and think differently. You want to be able to inspire people to become in an elevated step rather than being in a past state. You need to have a vision more than fear. You need to have passion, which will drive your vision out of your fear.

You need to be able to believe in your future. You have to trust the process. You have to get beyond your fear and your anxiety in your old self to be able to become wise and acknowledge your fears and overcome yourself. You cannot let your emotions control your mind, your fear or your body. These are the steps you will need to be able to how to overcome yourself.

How To Overcome Yourself (Video):


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