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Correlation Between Exercise and Sleep

Correlation Between Exercise and Sleep

Did you know that whether if you are struggling martial artist or a full-time head-on raging martial artist, that the more you exercise, the more you feel healthy on the inside as well as on the outside?
Did you know that the more you exercise, and the more adrenaline that you got pumping inside you as you’re exercising, releases endorphins to where you will be able to get a good night’s rest, a good healthy diet, and a very positive mental attitude about life in general?
Being able to exercise on a daily basis may not be your thing right now, especially if you are a struggling martial artist, but if you are a full-on everyday martial artist, and you practice and train every day, you know that you will reap the benefits of a great night’s sleep and a great mentality to be able to get you through each and every day.
The best thing about martial arts, and the best thing about exercising, is that you are also able to get through the day because the spirituality that comes through you as you train in martial arts, no matter what style you are training in. Because each style of martial arts has a different type of spirituality, in which you learn as you are training.
Some of it can also be specific spirituality in which you do study as you train in martial arts, but in general the spirituality of yin and yang is the ability to be able to balance out a good martial art regimen, a good healthy diet, and some great sleep at night. Because the endorphins that kick in when you exercise will be able to have you a healthy longevity and a great night sleep, as well as your spirituality that shines through when you are able to do all these together and you have a great outlook on life. The outcome of this produces a great correlation between exercise and sleep. 

Correlation Between Exercise and Sleep (Video):


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