Jet Li

Jet Li

Okay. I could write a novel on Jet Li, but I won’t. Here are some interesting facts I learned from reading books on him.

1). Jet changed his last name to “Lee” back in the 80s because of his idolization he has for Bruce Lee, but it confused Asian audiences, so he changed it back to “Li.”

2). Lethal Weapon 4 was Jet’s first American made movie, which was also the first time he ever played a villian. However, Jet Li was not fluent enough in English for the role. So, Joel Silver and Richard Donner only had him speak one line throughout the movie, which was, “In Hong Kong, you would be dead.”

3). Producers Joel Silver and Richard Donner had to slow down the camera speed in order to film Jet’s martial art moves, because Jet was too fast for the camera.

3). Jet agreed to do Lethal Weapon 4 after Joel Silver promised to give him the leading role in his next film, which was Romeo Must Die, in which is Jet’s first American English speaking film.

4). Jet turned down the role of Seraph in the Matrix trilogy.

5). The only non-martial art movie in which Jet has starred in was Ocean’s Heaven (which is a TERRIFIC movie by the way). The movie showcases his growing acting abilities.

6). U. S. President Nixon once asked Jet to be his personal bodyguard, but Jet declined the offer.

7). His birth name is Li Lian Jie. In 1982 a publicity company in the Philippines thought his name was too hard to pronounce, so they placed his name on movie posters as Jet Li; with the thought of an airplane taking off.

8). Met his first wife on the set of Kids from Shaolin; met his 2nd wife on the set of Dragon Fight.

9). His early training is only in the Northern Shaolin Styles and has training in weaponry.

10). In 2009, Jet launched his own fitness program called “Wuji,” which has elements of martial arts, yoga, and pilates. Adidas launched a clothing line for it that bears Jet’s initials, “JL.”

11). In April 2007 Jet established The One Foundation after the after effects of the 2004 tsunami in the Maldives. The One Foundation supports international disaster relief efforts  in conjunction with The Red Cross in addition to mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

12). In September 2010, Jet became the first Good Will Ambassador for the International Red Cross.

13). Other sports Jet likes are badminton, table tennis, and volleyball, and is an avid bicycle rider and reader.

I could keep going, but then that WOULD end up being a novel!


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