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Emerald Island

 Emerald Island


Emerald Island.

For the Irish people, for the Irish hearts

So influential

They come from afar.

Lie down on your beds

And dream of dreams

In which the desire you feel

Is a part of you now.

They are our heredity;

They know us too well.

The land they come from

Is rich in its soil.


Every so often you believe

Your time will come,

And you see yourself

Over there beyond

The Emerald Island.

Let the Irish speak for themselves –

You will feel the same way, too.

Only they know how you feel

And what you believe in what you do.

Musical or non-musical

Let the time be it now.

Folk, square, pop, rock, or metal.

It all stands on solid ground.

So be it as it may;

This place is so magical.

When Irish eyes are smiling,

Only you will see it

In your eyes as mystical –

The Emerald Island.


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Colleen Burns


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