Forget the Past; Reshape Your Future

Forget the Past; Reshape Your Future

Forget the past; reshape your future. Your past defines you and your character, but are you willing to let it go, or are you wanting to re-live it and let it shape your future? Or, would you rather let your past be the past, and your presence you have right now re-shape your future?

mistakes, strugglesWhat you may have going on in your life right now, are you resolving any issues or frustrations with new thoughts and ideas to overcome them, or are you trying to resolve them the way you are used to doing – however that may be? To rid the past mistakes, it is better to find a new resolve to whatever the situation may be, rather than letting your past decisions to resolve the problem. Maybe ask yourself, “How’s that going?” Is it making it worse or better?

Your thoughts and ideas come from your past experiences, but are you letting them continue with past decision-making? Maybe you should try a new way to figure things out so they won’t keep coming up. How you make your decisions will provide you with a better future, rather than sticking with past decision-making processes. How you go about making those decisions depends on you and the situation, but do think on a more positive note should you decide to make a better choice in making that decision – for your future. Forget the past; reshape your future – today.


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