Your Spirit Inside You

Your Spirit Inside You

May your spirit inside you

Bless you each and everyday forward.

For your blessings are in disguise,

And sometimes you may not realize

That the blessings you have in life

Are for your better and for your worst.

Because through the tough times and  through the bad times,

Through the good times, through the triumphs and the glories,

Your spirit inside you will love you and comfort you

And console you, guide you in every way forward.

You know you deserve the best,

Because you yourself sometimes

May lack the self-esteem and the self-confidence.

But the best thing in the world is

When you know the spirit inside you

Will glow and give you the warmth

 To make you feel blessed,

Like on this day and everyday forward.

For the spirit inside you will glow and grow

And flow through your life

With every breath that you breathe.

The air in which gives you life each day

And the spirit inside you

In which you possess indeed.

For the spirit inside you will glow and grow

Warm and strong each day

To make you a fighter, to give you the spirit

When those tough times seem to seep through along the way.

So, today may your spirit guide you.

May it love you and may it press you forward,

Because you know the spirit inside you

Will give you the best life in the world.

Your Spirit Inside You (Video):

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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on!




Colleen Burns


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