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Take Every Opportunity You Get

Take Every Opportunity You Get

Empower your mind today with the opportunities that come your way.

Take every opportunity you get.

Never let those opportunities slip away, through your hands.

Live your life to the fullest and make it the best yet.

A new year has begun, so give every opportunity that comes up a chance to develop.

Develop your life, your love, your spirituality, your mindset.

Grow into someone with significance, for what you think you become.

Don’t let your life slip by with the opportunities that evolve.

So, take every opportunity you get.

Become excellent with everything you say and do.

Give yourself time to grow to develop with what you want to pursue.

Your dreams and power of your beliefs will drive your forward,

Especially with all the opportunities that come through.

With all the possibilities in which you can create,

Always make sure you take every opportunity you get and make.

Your intelligence and existence will shine more and more,

And your life will become significant as you grow.

So, take every opportunity you get today and every day forward.

Your life is in your hands and how you create it will predict your future.

Take every opportunity you get,

Take every opportunity you get.


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






Colleen Burns


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