Go After What You Want Always

Go After What You Want Always


Go after what you want always. If you do not go after what you want, you will never know if you will ever get it. Obstacles may arise, but you must be strong on the inside to not let them get to you. If you let those obstacles get to you, it will only wear you down to the brink of self-destruction. Go after what you want always.

You have to know what you want and be prepared that no one will help you, unless you ask. Even when you ask for help, you may not get it, because asking for help is like asking for blood. It truly depends who you ask for help and whether they care enough for you to help you get back on your feet. Then go after what you want, and don’t forget to thank the person (or people) who helped you along the way. Go after what you want always.

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Your desires and passion will drive you to the point of exhaustion, but you are going after what you want. If there are people who do not agree with your desires and passion, then they are not worth your time, because if they truly cared, they would realize your desires and passion will always be a part of you. And you can’t change that. You know what you want. They would support you with your desires and passion if they cared. Find people who are like you and immerse yourself with them, for they are your support, teammates, and true friends who all have the same desires and passion as you.  Go after what you want always.

When you finally reach those desires and passion, you will feel an overwhelming accomplishment that you will be so excited and pumped with passion that you just want to scream for joy. And you know why? You went after what you wanted. (Always).

Keep your desires and passion within you and fight through those struggles. Go after what you want always.


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 





Colleen Burns

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