Rise From the Ashes

Rise From the Ashes


Rise from the ashes. 

Do what you will, do what you must.

Hustle and grind until you no longer can.

Let it implore your mind.

Fom dusk to dusk,

Do what you will, do what you must.


Bust some ass, give it a whirl.

And do everything that you can

And expect nothing in return.

Except through hard work,

And all the sweat that you put in,

All the tears and all the joy

In which you will be experiencing.


So rise from the ashes today.

Do what you will, do what you must.

Do what you have to do to get through each day.

To be completely inspired, listen to the entire inspirational poem in the video below.

Rise From the Ashes (Video):

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Colleen Burns

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