What Does Martial Arts Mean To You?

What Does Martial Arts Mean To You?


What Does Martial Arts Mean To You? A person’s reason to invest in martial art training will vary from one person to another. One person will start learning martial arts for self-defense reasons, another will learn and train to increase self-realization (self-worth and self-confidence) reasons, and another person will train for enlightenment and spiritual reasons.

In any case, reasons will vary, but the question is how serious the person is in training in martial arts to want to continue and further their investment and education in the martial arts? Does the person train only for the social aspect, the enjoyment of the art, or does (s)he want that black belt for a very good reason? Whatever the reason may be, ask yourself, what does martial arts mean to you?  Your reason for the martial art training will either motivate you enough to want to keep going and continue on beyond receiving the first degree black belt, or it won’t be a good enough reason, and you will quit.

In the video below, I further discuss this. Watch the video below to learn more.


What Does Martial Arts Mean To You? (Video):

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