Personal Development

Personal Development

“What you read or listen to today will shape you tomorrow.” – 


I am heavy into personal development. I would rather read than listen to personal development, as it makes me more focused and can concentrate more. Listening to audio makes my mind wander and I can’t sit for very long while listening to audio. And so then I can’t focus. However, it takes me forever to read personal development books because I am a very slow reader and have a short attention span. I never used to be that way, though.

Personal development books give me a sense of value. Since I have started reading them  in February 2014, I have grown attracted to it as it make me feel more confident and learn more about myself with each book I read. This is calledPersonal Growth.”

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Depending on the type of book I read, I have learned that they are very worthy of my time and value. They teach me about and to improve my inner strength, weaknesses, and peace, educational, motivational, and inspirational values, build confidence and character, work with various personalities, and improve my core and work ethics.

They are like an exploration of my soul which helps me improve myself as well as working with and leading others. A personal journey that is never-ending, because there is always  something new to learn every minute of every day.

So far, my two favorite books are The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews.

Do you read or listen to personal development? What are your favorites? What have you learned from them? If you do not read or listen to it, how do you invest in and improve yourself on a daily basis?

“If you are not learning, you are not improving yourself.” – Ray Higdon


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






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