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Fear vs Frustration: What Do You Do?, Part 2

Fear vs Frustration: What Do You Do?, Part 2

Fear vs frustration. What do you do?

I did a Facebook Live yesterday about fear vs frustration that was targeted towards network marketers. And I decided to do another one today called Fear vs Frustration targeted towards what happened in the U. S. around 2:00 a.m. this morning.

Fear vs frustration. I wanted to help you out with some fears and frustrations that you may be feeling today. I am staying neutral, and I am going to try to play mediator and peacemaker, hopefully. I know one person just can’t do it, but I am going to try, if I can, and be mediator to this, because I have gotten some pretty lewd, crude, and rude comments on my Facebook Timeline since 2:00 a.m. this morning. I am not responding to any of them, which is why I decided to do a Facebook Live and play mediator and try to be peacemaker among my friends that are on my Timeline to help you resolve your fears and your frustrations about earlier this morning in the U. S. If you are not aware of what happened in the U. S. around 2:00 a.m. this morning, we got a new President and some people are fearing him and some people are frustrated over it.

Fears… what are your fears? What are your frustrations?

First of all, fears are something that you are afraid to admit that you have. Fears are somewhat scared, emotional feelings that you can’t control. Fears are something in which you have, like a fear of life, a fear of death, a fear of a phobia, a fear of someone who you may not like who may be bullying you.

Frustrations are totally different than fears. Frustrations are emotions that can be controlled. Frustrations can be something in which can be fixed immediately. Fears cannot. Fears take a lot longer to get through, and fears are a lot more emotional to get through as well.

Frustrations and fears are kind of like the opposite, almost. Fears you cannot get over with in a certain amount of time. It’s over elapsed time. Frustrations can be fixed immediately, depending which steps you take in order to take them. Frustrations are emotional. Fears are emotional and can scar for life, depending what type of fear you have.

Frustrations are emotional side barriers that can be overcome depending on what steps you take. Fears are not. Fears will take more than just steps to take. You have to take a longevity of admittance, of self-awareness, of self-protection of you and your family. With frustrations, you are only protecting those who are in your immediate surroundings to be able to get through your frustrations at the time.

Hopefully you are getting value with what I am trying to explain to you, and some of your rude, lewd, and crude comments may come to some peace within the next 24 hours on my Timeline. I know it will be awhile before they all go away, but hopefully that some of them will eventually go away about fears and frustrations and what to do to get over them. I can’t say how to get over these fears and these type of frustrations because it’s kind of hard to do depending on the type of fears you have and what kind of frustrations you have feeling towards the Presidency of the United States of America.

I am not mentioning for or against. I am remaining neutral, but I just hope that there will be peace within this nation hopefully within the next month, maybe. I don’t know. I just hope that there is a lot going on, especially today, which is why I decided to do this now. I wanted to get my message out there for those who are early risers who get up in the morning and who are people who come to my page for my inspirational and my motivational posts and martial art posts. I wanted to get this message out very early this morning to get out my message to you about your fears and frustrations and be able to explain them and express yourself, but not be so brash, not be so rude, not be so crude.

You are entitled to your opinion, but for those who are not aware, I have another page – an anti-bullying foundation page – and I have something to say about this because when you are being rude, when you are being crude, and you are being lewd, have you thought that maybe you are becoming a bully? Because that’s what a bully does. That’s what a bully is. Rude, crude, and lewd towards other people. So, for those who are listening in and for those who may hate me for saying this, but with your rude, crude, and lewd comments on each others’ Timelines, on my Timeline, and other people’s Timelines who want to remain neutral in this, and who want to remain a peacemaker and mediator between all your whole entire friends who are on your Timeline who are coming out with these rude, lewd, and crude comments, then consider yourself that you are a bully when you do that.

I am not unfriending anybody, because that would make me lewd, rude, and crude and make me a bully. And I am not a bully; I am a victim of bullying, which is why I see this as a reaction of being lewd, rude, and crude and being a bully. If you don’t like what I am saying, then you don’t like what I am saying. I have my opinion, and I am expressing it, and in the middle of also trying to be a mediator and neutral. I just wanted to express this opinion and express my thoughts on this, about your fears and frustrations and don’t take them out so rude, crude, and lewd, because in fact, when you do, you are a bully. If you don’t think you are, maybe you aren’t, but the way you express yourself and the way you say your words, when you are doing it on a Timeline of someone who has been offended and who has been harassed by a bully, that is my perception on this.

I just wanted to voice my thoughts and the thoughts of the fears and frustrations in which many Americans are having right now. I hope that you can all maybe find peace within yourself and be able to get through the day because I know there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be mad and other people who are kind of happy. You can be happy, and you can be mad, and you can be sad, and you can cry. But it will not change the fact as to what happened, happened. You have to be able to accept the fact and move on.

I know that’s going to be hard to do for some people, but when in fact that you are being lewd, crude, and rude, you are in fact being a bully. I just wanted to point that out. If you may have not thought of that before, I just wanted to point that out. You may not consider yourself a bully, because there is more to being a bully than being rude, crude, and lewd, it also becomes aggressive and violent. But I just wanted to point that out that even though you may not consider yourself violent, but your lewd, rude, and crude comments can be considered as being a bully as perceived by me.

So, I just wanted to get that out there today and hope that you got value from this and learned something new.

Fear vs Frustration: What Do You Do?, Part 2


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