Life During College Years

Life During College Years

There are three undergraduate schools I went to. I forgot to add the local one in VT I went to before I attended University of New Haven in 1992.

Out of the three undergraduate schools I attended, there is one in which I had the most excruciating time at, because I had been going in and out of hospitals due to my disorder (caused by the bullying from my 1st school I ever went to). And it screwed up my time and studies there. But somehow I managed to graduate from the third undergraduate school I went to, which took six years to do so, with a triple degree and a double minor.

And to add to that, a green belt in Sil-Lum Kung-fu, a double certificate in Kali, and an Orange Sash in Emperor’s Long Fist from martial art school.

From dropping out in my 2nd high school to graduating from undergraduate school with a triple degree and a double minor is quite a feat for me.

I call this phase, “HOLY CRAP! I DID THAT?”

And I am now in graduate school working on my thesis, which of course, is a screenplay. I am on my second term on it.

I call this phase, “Where there is a will, there is a way…. and PERSISTENCE WILL PAY OFF.”


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